Real Time Locating System (RTLS)

Real Time Locating System (RTLS)

Real Time Locating System (RTLS)

Real-Time Locating systems are used to identify and track the location of people, assets, and other objects in real-time. RTLS applications consist of a few basic components: a transponder, a receiver, and software to interpret the data. A mobile phone or a navigational system has RTLS built into it. These systems can also have wireless nodes that produce signals, and readers that catch those signals. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, and GPS are examples of wireless technologies used in today’s RTLS.

RTLS brings multifold advantages to businesses from security, safety, transportation management, and tracing your products and vehicles to enabling you to use physical storage at its full capacity. Furthermore, RTLS protects your business from risks and gives you signs to prevent dangers to your business. In addition,  it improves the productivity of your services, and audit, and reduces the chances of loss of items.

Our RTLS service will help you overcome several upfront challenges like security concerns, performance-related issues, etc. On the other side,  our team is capable and fully experienced in handling RTLS projects that will improve the productivity and safety that you are looking for in your company.

  • Improve business operations.
  • Saving money.
  • Operate with fewer resources.
  • Easier asset maintenance.
  • Operate with fewer resources
  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Take more advantage of your assets.

Fundamentals of RTLS

Confidence in the Future

Every business, enterprise, and the corporation will have to incorporate RTLS sooner or later to analyze customer behavior, space and process optimization, asset tracking in real-time, collision avoidance, and on top of that to develop smart buildings. So, RTLS is going to be a part of daily life and sustainable growth will be achieved via incorporating RTLS.

Collision Warning

RTLS prevents collision as it warns people and machines and reduces the chances of collision. It transfers data like location, positioning of people, and equipment to another server and alerts them if there is any chance of a strike.

Asset Tracking

The location and status of an item can be traced via RTLS. Loss of items can be traced back and diminishes the chances of missing. By tracking assets, you can know whether an item is idle or being used and you can also maximize the efficiency of your equipment through the asset tracking system.

Employee Tracking

It provides workspace and workflow optimization through the condition of the workforce and workplace. Advanced analytics is measured via RTLS to distinguish value-added employees and RTLS makes it easy to implement regulations in workplaces and measure employee interaction reports.

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